Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the cost of the service?

Our base fare from the College Station Airport to IAH is $35 if prepaid online, if no pre-payment our base fare is $42 (there is a $7 walk up surcharge).

If you are traveling to Houston Hobby there is a $10 surcharge.

Our base fare from the College Station Airport to Austin Bergstrom airport is $50 if prepaid online. If no pre-payment our base fare is $57 (there is a $7 walk up surcharge).

We offer home pick up in certain areas of the B/CS metropolitan area (see map below). There is a surcharge of $10 per person for this service. If you are not sure if home pick up is available for your please call our office.

Q. How do I pay?

Our system requires you pre-pay your reservation online or through the phone in order to reserve your seat.   Drivers have the ability to take payment via cash only for walk-up customers. If you do not have a confirmed reservation and wish to take the shuttle as a walk-up passenger from the airports the price is higher than if you have a pre-paid  reservation. Seats are not guaranteed unless they are paid for.

Q. When do I pay?

Our system requires pre-payment to confirm the reservation. You can pay the driver if you are a stand-by customer and do not have a reservation, however, the price is higher when paid directly to the driver. Drivers will only be able to accept cash as payment (credit cards will be accepted during office hours and processed by the office- drivers do not have credit card processing capabilities). Checks are no longer accepted. Online reservations are closed two hours before the trip. If you are traveling from Houston you will need to address the driver directly at the pick up location to buy a ticket before boarding.

Q. What is your refund policy for canceled reservations?

If a Reservation is canceled, your Ground Shuttle account will be credited according to the schedule below, based on when the cancellation is made online. Our system does not currently have the ability to refund your credit card account.  All credits will expire after one year. 

Ground Shuttle Credits are transferable upon request. Please contact us if you would like to transfer your credit to another passenger or make a reservation using another passenger's credit. We do require written documentation from credit holder before any balance can be transferred.

  Canceled between 72 hours or more prior to the Trip.   100% credit voucher
  Canceled between 72 hours prior to the Trip and 48 hours prior to the Trip.   75% credit voucher
  Canceled between 48 hours prior to the Trip and 24 hours prior to the Trip.   50% credit voucher
  Canceled between 24 hours prior to the Trip and 2 hours prior to the Trip.   25% credit voucher
  Canceled less than 2 hours prior to the Trip.    No credit voucher will be provided


No cash refunds will be issued.

Q. Do you offer child discounts?

Yes. Each traveling adult can be accompanied with a half price (50% discount) child. Up to two discounted fares, for children who are 2 and under. Children over 2 pay full price.

For all children 7 and under, we offer complimentary child seats by request through your reservation. Please also share any special requests in the driver notes with your order.

Q. Is a reservation required?

We are a scheduled ground transportation service. If there are no reservations on a shuttle we will cancel the shuttle. If there are not reservations from the College Station airport we will not stop by the airport. In order to have a confirmed seat a reservation and payment are required. Reservations can be made online at our website or by calling our office at 855-303-4415. If you do not have a reservation you can approach our driver and as long as there is availability we will be gladly  accommodate you.

Q. Where do you pick up?


College Station Easterwood airport (1 McKenzie Terminal Blvd #112, College Station, TX 77845) we pick up in the lower level outside the baggage claim area.


New pick up area for Bush Intercontinental Airport is located at Terminal C baggage claim. Exit the baggage claim through door C-105,  The shuttle will pick up between the first 2 columns. 



Hobby airport - We pick up at zone 4 Shared Ride. Exit on baggage claim level, make a right and go all the way toward zone 4 "shared ride" sign, right next to the "Spot shuttles"


Austin Bergstrom airport - We pick up at departures (upper level) by the Delta sign. This is the only location we pick up at Austin airport.

Q. Can you pick me up at home or an address different from the College Station Airport?

For an additional $10 per person, we can pick you up at an address within our pick up zone. Below is a map of the area we provide pick ups at. If you are unsure if your location is within this area please give us a call in the office (855)-303-4415  and we can clarify that for you.

If you are outside our pick up area and make a reservation for a home pick up, we can't guarantee we will pick you up at the provided address and will notify you the evening before your trip if that is the case.

Q. At what time should I be ready for a home pick up?

Our scheduled departure times (shown online are from the College Station airport). We start picking up as early as 60 minutes before the departure time. Because this is a scheduled transportation service and there are multiple passengers on our shuttles we can not wait for you if you are not ready.  We appreciate your understanding with this matter.


If you are traveling to Houston airports - Please be ready an hour before departure time. If you would like a tighter window please call us the day of or the evening before the trip and we can provide a better estimate.

Passengers being picked up in south College Station , William D. Fitch area or South of it (Indian Lakes, Pebble Creek, Castle Gate, Nantucket, etc) need to be ready  around 10 minutes before the scheduled departure time as they will be picked up close to that time depending if we have another driver helping with pick ups.


If you are traveling to the Austin airport - Please be ready an hour before departure time. If you would like a tighter window please call us the day of or the evening before the trip and we can provide a better estimate.

Q. If I select home pick up, will you pick me up in front of my house?

As long as our vehicles can safely access your pick up location we will pick you up as close as possible to your home. However, there are many apartment complexes in town that have gates or roads where our vehicles can not transit safely (due to height and/or lack of space to turn around after picking a passenger up). In these situations our drivers will ask you to wait for them at the leasing office or by the gate for pick up/drop off. We understand this may be an inconvenience for some but safety comes first.  Also, some complexes are very big and drivers do not know exactly where every building number is located at so if you live in a big complex and want to be picked up right next to your building, please instruct the driver how to get to it when he calls or provide directions on the "comments" section of the reservation.  If you don't answer the phone or don't provide directions, drivers will not be driving around the complex trying to find the building as this could result in delays.

Q. Are your scheduled arrival times into the airports accurate?

Our scheduled arrival times into the airport are accurate.

We schedule our arrival into IAH 2 hours after our departure time from Easterwood airport even though the travel time is closer to 1.5 hours. 

We schedule our arrival time into AUS 2hrs and 15 minutes after departure time from Easterwood airport even though the travel time is closer to 1.75 hours.

There are things during the route we cannot control like traffic, accidents, etc.   

Please keep in mind we drop off at every terminal in IAH and we cannot guarantee you will always be the first one dropped off. We recommend you give yourself enough time based on your itinerary and airline requirements. If you are scheduled on a flight that departs  less than 1.5 hours after our scheduled arrival time we will not be responsible if you miss your flight.

Q. What happens if I do not show up at the pick up location before the departure time?

For passengers being picked up at an address different from the airport in College Station, if you do not answer your phone or are not ready when the driver picks you up your reservation will be canceled and in accordance with our cancelation policy no refund will be provided.

If you are departing from the College Station airport and are not at the pick up location by our departure time the driver will not be able to wait for you and your reservation will be canceled. We will try and accommodate you on the next available shuttle free of charge pending seat availability.

If you are being picked up at either of the Houston airports and your flight is delayed please give us a call (as soon as you are aware of the delay) and we will accommodate you in the next shuttle with available seats free of charge. If for some reason no seats are available we will issue a credit to your Ground Shuttle account.

The driver will try and contact you on the number provided on your reservation, however, if he can't reach you and you are not at our departure location at the time of departure your reservation will be canceled and your seat will no longer be considered reserved. We will try and accommodate you on the next shuttle with available seats.

Q. What time will I be picked up at the airport?

Our published departure times are from the College Station airport. We ask you to please be at the airport 10 minutes before published times in order to board all passengers and accommodate their belongings.

If you have requested airport pick up and you are not at the pick up location at departure time your reservation will be cancelled and your seat can be assigned to a stand-by customer.

We may depart the airport ahead of schedule if all reserved passengers have boarded our van.

Q. If my flight is delayed, what should I do?

If your flight into the Houston airport is delayed please notify as as soon as posible so we can accomodate you in the next available shuttle (free of charge). If for any reason you can not contact us via email ( or phone (855) 303 4415 and you miss your shuttle please proceed to our pick up location and inquire directly with the driver if there is availability.

Q. When will I arrive to my drop off location?

Our schedules published online estimate an arrival into Easterwood airport 2.5 hours after departure from IAH. Once we arrive in College Station, if we are coming from Houston we drop off from south to north.  If you are being dropped off at Easterwood airport we will do everything possible to have you there by the estimated arrival time, however, it will depend on the number of drop offs and location of these with respect to Easterwood airport.

If you are returning from Austin our first stop will be the Easterwood airport. Home drop off's will be determined by the driver based on the passengers who have requested this service.

Q. How many bags/suitcases am I allowed to bring with me?

You are allowed to bring a carry-on and a suitcase. There is a charge of $5 for each extra bag if paid online and $7 if paid directly to the driver.  We will do our best to accommodate your additional luggage, however we can not guarantee there will be enough space to accommodate excess luggage. If in doubt please contact us.

Q. Why do I need to input a phone number when I make my reservation? Does it need to be a US number?

Our drivers will text/call you to let you know they will be picking you up a few minutes before they arrive at your requested pick up location. If you are not at the pick up location (including the College Station airport) when the driver arrives and do not answer his calls or text messages he will not wait for you. It is extremely important you answer our driver's attempts to reach you. If he does not hear back from you he is instructed to leave and continue his route. Your reservation will be cancelled at that time (see refund policy for above for refund related questions). Please make sure you provide a valid US number, we can not contact international numbers.

Q. Can I still register in your system without a US Cell phone number?

Yes, you can type 000-000-0000 and choose any carrier, this will allow you to complete your reservation.  If at a later date you contract cell phone service with an US service provider please update your information in your Ground Shuttle account. 

Q. Can I have a specific seat in the shuttle reserved for me?

Our policy is open seating on every trip unless indicated by the driver.

Q. Are pets allowed on your vehicles?

Service dogs are allowed please notify over the phone when you make your reservation.

Small pets (less than 8lbs and in a carrier that can go on your lap) are handled on a case by case basis. Please call our office to confirm if your pet will be allowed on the vehicle. 

Large pets are NOT ALLOWED for any reason!!!

Q. Should I tip the driver?

Drivers feel appreciated when a customer recognizes their efforts. We do not discourage this practice.

Q. Is food or drink allowed on our vehicles?

As a courtesy to other passengers we only allow dry snacks and drinks in containers with lids. Please dispose all other food before boarding our vehicle.

Q. How far in advance can I make a reservation?

You will be able to make a reservation up to 90 days in advance from your departure date

Q. How does the wait-list work?

Once you add your name to the waitlist you will be automatically notified via e-mail if a seat becomes available. You will need to call us or visit our website and complete your reservation to confirm a seat. If you have an existing reservation and would like to transfer to a different shuttle please call us or e-mail us and we will be glad to help.

Q. What is a "depot" location?

A depot location is any location other than a home pickup. This is typically an airport location, but it can be a hotel or other special locations as designated in our system.

Q. Do you have other schedules besides the ones posted on line?

You can set your own schedule with our charter service. We can pick you up from your house or specified location within our service area at any time (day or night) and take you to or bring you from Houston airports. View our Charter Service page for more information.